Product Optimization

We can analyze the design of your existing product to find areas where materials costs can be reduced and manufacturing processes can be made more efficient.
•  Increased profit margin on existing products
•  Streamlining and cost reduction of manufacturing
•  Increased production yields
•  Increased production capacity due to increased yields
Forthright Solutions has a wide variety of product design and manufacturing experience which allows us to analyze your product for areas that can be cost reduced through redesign, change of vendor, or modifications of manufacturing methods.
By redesigning existing elements of your product, we can simplify the design and remove redundant parts from your bill of materials. This reduces product cost and inventory requirements.
We can work with your current vendors or select new ones to optimize your bill of materials to include as many standard parts as possible while minimizing custom or hard-to-find items. By replacing several similar components with a single standard part that maintains the design integrity, your product becomes cheaper and more easy to manufacture.
Analysis of existing manufacturing methods can reveal inefficient or unnecessary steps. Modifying or eliminating these can improve product yields while reducing costs.