About Forthright Solutions

Forthright Solutions is a consulting firm that custom designs embedded systems to fit your needs.   We specialize in the design of consumer electronics and industrial controls. 

We provide a number of consulting services including:   product research and development, analog and digital circuit design, software & firmware programming, PCB layout, user interface design, and brainstorming.

Our microprocessor and microcontroller experience covers multiple processor families and includes assembler and high level programming in C and Forth.


Doug Deeds

Forthright Solutions was founded by Doug Deeds in 1989 in College Park, Ga.   Doug has over 30 years of experience in firmware, electronics, and system design.   He holds a BEE degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has worked in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, and industrial control areas at such companies as Nokia and Tandy.   He has applied for 36 patents with 14 issued.
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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher is the lead PCB designer for Forthright Solutions.   Mike has over 25 years of PCB design experience working for Nokia, Enfora, DSC Communications, and other companies.
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