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Product Development

As a product development company, we can work with you to bring your product from concept to production.

Key Benefits

•  Utilize latest design techniques and methods
•  Take advantage of low cost technologies for increased integration and reduced cost
•  Decrease your time to market by utilizing both internal and external resources
•  Access specialized skills and knowledge not available internally


Forthright Solutions has electronics and firmware design experience in a number of areas, including industrial, consumer, medical, oil/gas, power & telecomm.  Our tools include the latest PCBA design software, compilers, emulators, and test equipment.  Forthright Solutions has partnerships with other professionals for disciplines we don't have in-house.


We keep an open attitude toward new projects. This allows us to potentially incorporate concepts from other industries and areas that may be innovative in your industry. This can provide a better product with definite market advantages.  Our designers have filed over 35 patents.


We pride ourselves on designing products and components to stand up to the highest scrutiny and to meet whatever quality requirements your company may have. Our designs are thoroughly checked for errors and possible improvements. Prototyping and testing will always be done to ensure that our effort results in the best possible product.

Reverse Engineering

If you have an existing product that contains obsolete components or is otherwise no longer unmanufacturable, we can reverse engineer the product to provide specifications, a partial redesign, or a completely updated design.

Existing Product Optimization

We can analyze the design of your existing product to find areas where materials costs can be reduced and manufacturing processes can be made more efficient. Our goals are: increased profit margin on existing products, streamlining and cost reduction of manufacturing, increased production yields and increased production capacity due to increased yields.