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Legacy Redesign

We can help redesign your product to fix a number of issues:

Supply Chain Insecurity

We may be able to identify substitute components to replace parts that are not available for your production in the near-term. The components may be drop-in replacements or need some minor redesign to the system.  A major redesign may be needed if the component is complex such as a micrcontroller that needs firmware ported to the new part.

End-of-life Components

All electronic systems can eventually have components go end-of-life when the manufacturer elects to stop producing the part.  If you can't make last-time purchases, we may be able to redesign your system with newer, more readily available replacements.

Add New Features

We can redesign your legacy system to add new features with firmware, hardware, or other upgrades. 

Fix Old Problems

Sometimes small errors go into production or are found later, possibly after the original engineers are no longer available to fix the issue.  We can examine legacy firmware to solve the problem(s) for new production or field upgrades.