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Forthright Solutions has applied for patents in the home security and safety field.  Please call or email us if you would like to discuss licensing the following issued patent:
 6,710,715 Alarm system with integrated weather alert function
Picture of patent plaque - click for additional information
 Doug Deeds is an inventor of the following patents.  You can click on each link to view the patent text and images on the Google or U.S. Patent and Trademark office sites.
 9,794,762 System, methods, software, and devices employing messaging
 7,953,665 Method and system for delivering content to and locking content in a user device
 7,831,668 Terminal and computer program product for replying to an email message using one of a plurality of communication methods
 7,574,237 Method and apparatus for changing at least one communication parameter for a communication device
 7,259,673 Anti-theft arrangement, method and program
 7,248,900 Compound ring tunes
 7,203,479 Using a mobile station for productivity tracking
 7,200,388 Fragmented delivery of multimedia
 7,177,629 Annunciating apparatus, and associated method, for selectably annunciating message termination at a radio communication device
 7,146,188 Method and system for requesting photographs
 7,142,893 Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating identification of a mobile telephone
 7,120,471 User interface and associated method for indicating status using keypad backlights
 7,020,497 Programming multiple ringing tones of a terminal
 6,850,166 Ancillary wireless detector
 6,810,238 Extension module for a portable device
 6,493,558 TD-SMS messaging gateway
 6,480,185 Electronic device with trackball user input
 6,202,257 Handheld device having modifiable handgrip configuration
 5,022,233 Ice bank control system for beverage dispenser

Doug Deeds is listed on 11 additional filed patents, 8 as sole inventor.;
These include:;
Picture of patent plaque - click for additional information
 2006028407 Methods for controlling contact information and corresponding electronic devices and program products
 20060179410 Terminal, method, server, and computer program product for switching buddy lists based on user profile
 20050107112 Apparatus, and an associated method, for creating and using a call-screening list to screen calls placed to a communication station
 20050107135 Terminal, system, method and computer program product for displaying an indication of bandwidth
 20050108661 User interface apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating viewing of display indiciaon a user display by a visually-impai3bb54a user
 20040203610 Creating and transmitting a text message from a terminal
 20040198471 Terminal output generated according to a p3bb54aetermined mnemonic code
 20040198455 Selective terminal illumination based upon a displayed entry
 20040003090 Peer-to-peer media sharing
 20020187815 Contact lookup by partial string entry in a communication device
 Method and apparatus for mapping input with display having color highlight (WO 02/03187);
 Method and apparatus for programmed call return attempts (WO 02/13496);

Forthright Solutions is a member of the  American Innovators for Patent Reform